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History of the Schütterhof

By documentary evidence, the Schütterhof already existed at the end of the 13th century. Back then it was mentioned for the first time as a part of the tenure "Schapperlehen", namely as "in der Schuet".

During the centuries, the "Schapperlehen" consisted of two tenures but was run as a single one. A note in the farmhouses chronicles from 1605 however, gives evidence that the tenure had been divided into two separate farms, one of them being the "Schäpper" or "Schüttlehen", which is today the Schütterhof.

In 1889, the name Anton Schrempf was noted as landlord. In 1928, the farmhouse was almost completely destroyed due to a fire, but fortunately the then owner Anton Schrempf junior was able to rebuild it. In 1967, Ernst took over the farm in the 3rd generation of the family and he has all reason to be proud of this beautiful bio-farm, which is now being run by his son Stefan in the 4th generation.