"Stube" and breakfast room im Schütterhof

The Schütterhof

The Schütterhof has been family run for decades. It is already the 4th generation who looks after and runs the farmhouse. The farm and guesthouse is a recognised bio-farm with organic cattle breeding, awarded with 3 stars and 4 flowers.

The family’s appreciation for fauna and flora is reflected in a unique way of dealing with people. Guests are being cared for individually and thoughtfully, and their requests are being dealt with faithfully.

Climbing and paragliding – the Schrempf ‘s favourite past time

The Styrian mountains are as familiar to the Schrempf family as the back of their hand. They would be more than happy to recommend and help you organising hiking and trekking tours. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to ask for their advice regarding the various climbing paths!

You will also be in good hands if you wish to see the beautiful countryside of the region from a bird's eye view. The Schrempf family will help you to catch the right wind and weather conditions for paragliding.